Senin, 20 Maret 2017

top health insurance companies

top health insurance companies

one final note for you guys saying it's onhealth care we're told that the reform effort that theysurest companies were doing that best they could had to keep raising our previous cousin yourselvessqueezed on costs well the proper sickness for the top ten healthinsurance firms are out for the first records of this year the unique shocked to find out that the actuallymade a great deal of money in profit documentsin that country combined they made over nine point three billiondollars in profits

and that doesn't even count the last threemonths of this year and a promise what up a whopping forty one percent in the last year alone what happened however they are taught us how much they weresuffering how much of a lot of possible out it turns out they continue to make money andup phenomenal rate now some will say we wait they're supposedto do that they're not nonprofits has forced make money well that's right

but that's exactly my point do we really want a leader decisions aboutour health in our lives to corporation whose sole purpose this tomake money off of us begin billions and profits biking in moremoney for a bus than they pay off our care aggression and makes a lot of sense but i do know that i do love another option by the way the outgoing head of the ways andmeans health subcommittee democratic congressman pete stark has passed them

to return their profits in the form of premium reductions for youguys completing the chairs and that's gonna happen from not very high deborah warner right now don't hold your breath is a very hard doing that they don't cover that either

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