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top auto insurance companies 2014

top auto insurance companies 2014

after an accident, one of the most commonthings you’ll hear from an insurance company is ‘if you take your car to a shop that’snot on our referral program or preferred list, we won’t warranty or guarantee the repair’.this statement isn’t just misleading, it’s completely false. the insurance company doesnot, has not and will not warranty the repair even if your car is repaired at their directrepair facility. let’s say you do follow their recommendation,and take your car to one of their shops. if there are problems with that repair, the shopitself is liable, in exactly the same way that k&m is liable for any of the repairsthat we perform. the shop you choose, whether it be an insurancepreferred shop or an independent shop, is

solely responsible for the warranty on therepairs to your vehicle. so why do insurance companies make this misleadingstatement to their policyholders? it’s just another scare reality, the insurance company itself doesn’t provide any guarantee. in fact, with the pressurethey place on their shops to turn out high volume, they create an environment that’smore likely to result in bad repairs. but they don’t have to worry about that.because ultimately, the shop is responsible. at k&m collision we don’t participate inreferral networks. our only priority is to serve our customers by fixing their car theright way. you can rest assured that any repair that comes through our doors is guaranteedfor life.

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