root android samsung

root android samsung

hey guys today i'm going to show you how to root the samsung galaxy young 2 the sm-g130h so the reason why i'm doing thistutorial is because i bought this phone like two weeksago and i wanted to rooted and i surfed on the net and i didn't find any article any tutorial thatsuccessfully shows how to root this phone so i decided

to make up a tutorial for you guys to show youhow to this phone so the first thing i'm going todo is to go on root checker and verifie root as you can see it says sorry root access is not properlyinstalled on this device so let's root it the first thing we want to do isgo to

settings and scroll down to about device and scroll down again and type on build number type ...type... so we can enable developments mode so go back you'll see here

developer options enter it and go to usb debugging and enable it .... okay all right we're gonna need kingo root you'll find the link on this program in thedescription of course and once you connects your phone with the usb cable he will recognize it and what we have to do next is just to click

on root i have here root again because i already root it so it's not gonna be your case .... so let's clickit have just to click on root and wait till it's done okay yeah it's done so when it's gonna done, the programme will say root successfully done or i have here in french so root rĂ£©ussi

and yeahh that's it now that our phone is rooted so let's check it i'm going back again to root checker and verifie root yeah congratulation root access is properly installed on this deviceso that's it thank you guys and see in thenext video