root android phone using pc

root android phone using pc

hello in this tutorial, i am going to show you how to root almost any android phone so now, i am showing you that my phone is not rooted, as you can see, i am not having any root access so its obvious so now we need to download an app* called kingroot so we'll go to its website and we'll click the free download button so once its downloaded

we'll start installing it so i don't want show you my pincode* so i'll have to skip i've already installed* it , so i'll go directly in order to save time so that's the application so you'll click it or touch then you touch* the "try it button" so it'll check the phone first to see if its compatible if its possible as it said that it is 96% succesful*

so not all phones but majority* of phones will work as you can see it says that there is no root acces so you'll press the "try root" button and you'll just wait until it finishes sometimes the phone may reboot so you dont have to worry about that and also it'll need an internet access in order for it to install some additional files so it needs some acces as you can see up there

the speed indicates that its taking some internet but it wont take that much so its now finished downloading the package now it started to install them* so now iam fastforwarding it 400 percent as you can see it has finished rooting so now i will be showing you through rootceck that my phone is now rooted i'll have to first refresh as you can see the "congratulation" sign

there is another app ill show you which also show that its rooted*, that simple