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rating auto insurance companies

rating auto insurance companies

you are thinking about buying car insuranceso what do you do, there's many options. you can go to the internet, you can go see youragent, you can call a one eight hundred number but the bottom line is once you get the informationand once you get the quote, how do you compare it to the competition. i would strongly suggestthat you get things in paper, because a lot of times an agent or a customer service repwill say things and they truly mean it but unless you have it documented and you haveit side by side, line item by line item you just don't know what it's going to cost. there'smany different types of limits such as bodily injury, property damage, uninsured motorist,all of these have a significant value on the bottom line premium when it comes to thatquote. so sometimes you can see a premium

that looks lower then the competition butit's probably because they've left something out. so you want to make sure that you atleast have your basic coverages and you compare those basic coverages. that would be yourproperty damage, your bodily injury, your uninsured motorist, to name a few. and alsoyour comp and collision if you have a car of substantial value. you could raise theselimits and that's going to raise the premium or you could lower them the same with yourcomp and collision so again when you are comparing these quotes make sure that if you are attwo fifty it's comparable to all of the different quotes as far as your comp and collision deductible.again i'm james with the resurgence group, i'm an insurance agent and when you are choosingdifferent carriers and different quotes just

make sure that it's apples to apples.

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