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lowest car insurance rates

lowest car insurance rates

not sure where to begin with your car insurancequote comparison? as you get several quotes, you’ll want tomake sure each quote has the same set of coverages, limits and deductibles. auto liability coverage, which may help payfor car repair and medical bills of another person if you cause an accident, is requiredin most states. additional coverage may be required, dependingon your situation and your state's laws. for example, uninsured motorist coverage ismandatory in some states. and, if you're financing a vehicle, you mayneed comprehensive and collision coverage. make sure you select the same set of requiredand optional coverages for each quote you get.

a limit is the maximum amount a policy willpay for a covered loss. most states have minimum liability coveragelimits that drivers must purchase. you may also have the option to increase yourliability limits. either way, make sure the limits you set forbodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability coverage are the same forevery quote you compare. a deductible is the amount you’ll pay outof pocket toward a covered claim. increasing your deductible may lower yourcar insurance premiums, but you’ll typically pay more out of pocket in the event of a claim. to make an accurate comparison of car insurancerates, the deductibles you choose should be

the same for each quote you get. these tips may help you better understandwhat each policy provides so you can choose the one that’s best for you!

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