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list auto insurance companies

list auto insurance companies

you just moved to a new town, and the lastthing on your mind is your car insurance. my name is james, with the resurgence group.we're a full service insurance agency, and we specialize in car insurance. the one thingthat you might not realize is that different zip codes affect the premiums of your carinsurance, so as soon as you get to your new town, or maybe even before you should be callingyour agent or your carrier, and explain to them that you're moving, or you're thinkin'about moving, and how is that going to affect your premiums. you're much better off doin'this and being proactive then waiting after the fact if you've got an accident and thenyou find out that your claim has been declined because you didn't tell; you only have thirtydays, and you didn't tell that carrier or

that agent that you moved. sometimes it'llwork in your favor, and you'll actually get a discount based on that zip code, and thenthere are other times if it's in a rough area or a different state they have different waysof calculating the premium, and that premium will go up. but the best policy is being honest,and understanding that there is no free lunch, so you've got to tell that agent or that companywhat you're up to, and the fact that you moved so that in the event that there's an accidentyou do have the proper coverage. i'm james, with the resurgence group. one thing we recommendis that you speak with an agent and get an opinion so that you're dealing with a professional,and in the event of a loss at least you know that you're covered properly.

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